A pension is one of the most important savings plans a client will ever contribute to. There is constant change in pension legislation which affects different individuals at different times, making professional pension advice now more important than ever. ​By seeking our advice for retirement planning, you can be assured that you are not missing out on any tax saving opportunities in the year. We help clients build funds for retirement, invest them at retirement, and manage them in retirement - This includes succession and inheritance tax planning.
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Inverdea Financial Services can provide help and advice in the following areas:
Company Directors and Self-Employed individuals that want direct control in how their money is invested using self-directed plans and small self-administered plans,
Individuals that want advice on tax efficient investment programmes with their own risk / investment profile aligned,
Individuals that are in non-pensionable employment,
Individuals that wish to make additional voluntary contributions (AVCs),
Individuals that hold previous employment pension benefits and want to transfer, amalgamate or consider the options on Personal Retirement Bonds (Buy out Bonds),
Individuals that are retiring and want guidance through the maze of options, whether a member of a defined contribution plan, a personal pension plan or defined benefits plan and sometimes a combination of all,
Explanation around terms such as Approved Retirement Funds (ARF), Approved Minimum Retirement Funds (AMRF), Annuities, Vested PRSA’s, deemed distribution, benefit crystallisation events and maximum fund thresholds,
An individual wanting to plan the succession of their business or the inheritance that might generate a tax on the surviving family members.
Inverdea Financial Services Limited has over 30 years experience in the pension business.

Our mission

To provide a tailored pension solution in the most cost effective and tax efficient manner to our clients.

Let our team assist you with your pension.

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