Many people are facing new financial challenges and we are urging families everywhere to consider what sort of financial cover they have in place should the unexpected happen.

Many of us will instinctively rely on our savings and investments or the value in our properties as our financial cushion should one partner become seriously ill, injured or dies unexpectedly.


Typically, this is not enough.


Spending a small amount on protection cover means you can provide for the financial needs of the family in the event of serious illness or death.

Here are some examples of how Inverdea Financial Services can help:

  • Keyman Insurance – Protecting the business against financial loss if a key member of the team is ill or dies

  • Partnership Insurance – Helping partners of a business to acquire the deceased partner's share of the business if they were to fall ill or die and the capital value of their share going to the surviving spouse,

  • Family Protection – Advise around protecting the family in the event of sudden death, illness or injury,

  • Employees – Providing a death and disability benefit for staff members,

  • Debts and Loans – Protecting against these loans such as mortgage protection, so that the remaining asset can stay with family members,

  • Health Insurance – Advice around the protection against medical expenses associated with hospital and medication practitioner costs.

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